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12rec. is a small DIY, CD-R and netlabel without any bigger interests in money and fame.

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Hum Antenna by rADio eNd "Psychedelic Music for Industrial People" Ed End 0
slowly upwards and downwards 0
New Ordeal World by CorteX “Acousmatic Music for the Concrète People” Ed End 1
   Re: New Ordeal World by CorteX “Acousmatic Music for the Concrète People” earshelter 0
and the beat goes on 0
Lockdown Edition #43 - the one before we go live 0
Lockdown Edition #42 - Herk-Mombeek 0
Lockdown Edition #41 - past year some DJ's saved my life 0
Discontinuité by PIRATE Tapes / Surrealist Music ? Ed End 0
earS103 : 3pr(iii)9ses earshelter 0
Lockdown Edition #40 - language is never innocent 0
Lockdown Edition #39 - hop met de beentjes! 0
Lockdown Edition #38 - weitermachen 0
Christmas on Titan by Studio 112 Movie Scores Serie Ed End 0
Lockdown Edition #37 - Afterbosch 0
Lockdown Edition #36 - reclaim the future 0
Vide Battles Meets Caillou Creator Springtrap Creator 0
Minecraft Planet Website Freezes And Can't Open Website Springtrap Creator 0
A critical error has ouccrred Trlauncher won't open after Making Grounded Video Plotagon Studio Springtrap Creator 1
   VK Problem With Trlauncher Verison How To Fix Springtrap Creator 0
earS102 : Rovar17 "L'Embobineuse" earshelter 0
Lockdown Edition #35 - Ginderbuiten 0
Strawberry Field Recording Forever by PIRATE Tapes Ed End 0
Lockdown Edition #34 - almost driven by despair 0
Lockdown Edition #33 - vade retro! 0
nach after: MaximaInMinimis (new album out now) room101 0

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